Connecticut DRS Launches myconneCT

After an initial delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) recently launched myconneCT.

Businesses and Bulk Filers will now use myconneCT to file, pay, and manage the following tax types:

  • Sales and Use / Business Use
  • Withholding
  • Room Occupancy (B&B Occupancy)
  • Prepaid Wireless E 9-1-1 Fee
  • Admissions and Dues
  • Tourism Surcharge
  • Rental Surcharge
  • Dry Cleaning Surcharge

More tax types will be added in the future.

Interested parties can learn more and sign up for myconneCT here.

If you have questions concerning any of the above tax types or working with myconneCT you can contact Law By Day at 860-767-7893.